How Secure are Bifolding Doors

Our windows all come as standard with the latest shoot bolt or espagnolette multi point locking systems, locking handles and secure friction hinges. Windows are today very secure products and all are tested to the latest security standards such as Secured by Design or BS6375 and Kitemark.

Bifolding door security and design

Most doors other than a front door are typically fitted at the back or the side of the home. It’s well publicised by security organisations that burglars will often target the back of the home. Many of us choose to have gardens that are private and as little overlooked a possible. This is great of our privacy but can pose opportunities in the even of a break in.

With a bifolding door having far more door panels than any conventional hinged or sliding doors how are these highly engineered doors secure? More and more of us are choosing a folding door for the home and these are always at the back of the house. Security is therefore an important feature of these doors.

Why bifolding doors are secure.

Aside from the lock, one of the most important things about a bifold is the material it’s made from. We supply only aluminium bifolds renowned for their superior strength in their frame and door profiles. It’s naturally strong and secure.

The locking systems we use in our complete bifolding door ranges are all of exceptional quality and design. Early versions of all doors whilst still employing multi point locking systems had weak points such as the door cylinder and keys. We use cylinders that cannot be snapped, drilled or ‘bumped’ to gain entry.

For the intermediate panels, our doors feature highly secure locking bolts that engage at the top and bottom for each leaf. These feature deep throw bolts that lock into the frame head and cill. They work to not only make the door secure but weather tight as well.

All of these features with the in-build design and engineering of the doors means they’ve all been submitted for testing to the latest security standards.

Our Origin, Schuco and Smarts bifolding door products all meet these latest standards. Depending on the product they can meet Secured by Design, WK2 Burglar resistance and PAS 23.

Bifolding door Glass

The glass element of a bifolding door is also important to its overall security.

As standard our doors come with toughened safety glass designed to resist impact. It’s also a legal requirement.

If you want even better security from your glass you can choose laminated glass. In the event of a breakage, laminated glass offers superior security as even though broken the glass holds together. This is a great safety feature if your looking to enhance your already secure folding doors even more.

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