Five reasons why you should consider Schuco Doors

At Open Living we specialist in the supply and installations of some of the finest bifolding and sliding doors you can buy. Our range includes Origin, Smarts and Schuco.
Mention the Schuco name to any building designer or architect and you’ll find many have used their products in some of the finest homes and developments of flats and apartments. Schuco is one of the best known designers of aluminium doors and windows in the world, but why are they so popular?
At Open Living, all our quality folding doors are exceptional in their design, features and performance but if you’ve not heard about Schuco before we offer an insight into this popular brand of aluminium products.

Schuco is one of the best brands of doors.

On many of the television programmes featuring home renovations it is Schuco products you’ll see in the large and tall doors and panoramic screens featured in these Grand Designs type homes.

The Schuco ASS70 folding door and ASS70 High Insulation doors are exceptional in their design and can create doors larger, wider and much taller than many other types of doors. This makes them ideal for those seeking large sliding walls and the maximum use of glass.

In addition, Schuco doors are highly engineered making them one of the best performing doors on the market.

Schuco doors have intricate engineering and design features.

Schuco have been designing sophisticated doors for over 60 years. They have won many building awards the world over and now all the features that make them the architects’ choice can be enjoyed in the home.

The Royal Institute of British Architects has credited many of the worlds finest buildings that are glazed with Schuco products.

Alumnium doors of the very best quality.

Study a Schuco bifolding for sliding door closely and you’ll often see features not found in other doors.

Many in the door instustry when they design their doors rely on widely available components and hardware. Schuco are one of only a few companies that design all their own hardware for their doors.

The Schuco logo you’ll see on their handles, their locks and other elements of the door. All their hardware is guaranteed by them with some components even having their own specific quality labels and guarantees.

There are some Schuco doors installed over 30 years ago that are still giving faultless service to this day.

Schuco doors are extensively tested.

A Schuco door is tested to surpass current European and British standards for security, weathering and quality. This is why you’ll rarely see a Schuco door tested to the minimum standards.

Many of their products are tested to Class 1 Levels of security as just one example.

The worlds best buildings feature Schuco doors.

Some of the best known architects in the world that have been responsible for iconic and landmark buildings have created these with Schuco. Such as with reliability and quality of the system that many simply won’t use any other brand.

Schuco employs over 5000 people in 78 countries but remain very strict as to who can manufacture their products. Not every manufacturer is allowed to make Schuco!

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Despite the global appeal and reputation, Schuco products are affordable and right for any type of home.

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